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Convenient and cheap scooters and motorbikes rental on Phuket, Samui and Phangan
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    The minimum rental period is 7 days
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    How we work

    Early booking
    Customer chooses a scooter in advance and leaves a request for booking. Rental details are agreed with the manager. Prepayment and deposit are made*, then we confirm the reservation
    Vehicle preparation
    Before the vehicle is handed over to the customer, it must be washed and inspected. Particular attention is paid to the serviceability of the brakes and tire pressure.
    Vehicle Delivery
    At the appointed time we deliver scooter and helmets** to your appointed point. We make a video together with you to shoot all damages of the vehicle, then we sign the papers. In the end we receive the payment
    Returning a vehicle
    Before the end of the rental period we contact the client and remind that the rental period is going to finish. You can bring your scooter to our office yourself or have it delivered by our worker. While returning the vehicle, we will make a video to shoot all the damages again. If everything is OK, we refund the deposit. You can also extend the rental period if you want.

    Our blog!

    Do I need a driving license for a scooter, a car?

    Rights are needed. For driving a scooter – category A, for a car – category B.

    You can drive without a license at your own risk, but we do NOT RECOMMEND doing this. In Thailand, the size of the fine has recently been changed, and now there is no clear understanding of exactly how much you will be fined if you are caught without a license. These are the fines now in the traffic police in Chalong (Phuket)

    How to choose a scooter if you have no experience?

    Everything is simple here. There are 3 iron options that are suitable for beginners! See the diagram

    Click 125

    The most popular scooter in Thailand. It has a roomy trunk, it is convenient to ride it together. Maneuverable, small, but at the same time quite tough.

    Scoopy and Filano

    2 kids with a retro-style design. Inexpensive, stylish, but without claims to good dynamics. They are quite stable due to the low landing. Often these stories are chosen by girls.

    Important: Scooters for 125 cubic meters most likely will not be able to carry 2 people up the hill. It is especially noticeable after the rain – traffic jams form on the serpentines.

    NMax and PCX

    Eternal rivals from Yamaha and Honda, respectively. NMax has 155 cubes, PCX has 2 versions: 150 and 160 cubes. In general, they are completely similar in terms of driving characteristics

    Pleasant and dynamic scooters. Without any problems, they take 2 people up and down the hill in any weather, you can play checkers on the highway. There is ABS and keyless access. Perfectly controlled/

    If you do not have the task of maximum cost savings – take one of them, you will not make a mistake.

    Super Motorbikes

    Honda Forza, Honda ADV 350, Yamaha X-Max, etc.

    We do not recommend it for novice drivers – they are large and heavy. As a result, they are difficult to manage. It is better to get your first experience on a small and cheap scooter.

    What do scooters have in fully loaded😎 configurations?

    Stock and top-end equipment differ in the presence of ABS and keyless access

    • ABS is an anti-lock system. It prevents the wheel from sliding when braking, as a result, braking becomes more efficient. The presence of ABS saves in case of emergency braking and helps to descend from the slides (especially on wet roads!)
    • Keyless access – works like on modern machines. An immobilizer keychain is attached to the keys, so that the scooter can be started with a button. A very convenient feature is that the key is in the back pocket of the backpack, it does not need to be taken out and, as a result, you will not forget it anywhere. The main thing is not to store the ignition key in the trunk of the scooter.
    • Idling stop – the scooter stalls if it stops, starts itself when turning the throttle. Allows you to save 5-10% of fuel in traffic jams. Such a system is, for example, on all BMW cars

    We will teach you how to use all the buns on the spot!

    Where and how to buy a local SIM card?

    We recommend going to the store 7\11 (seven-eleven) or Family Mart. Sim cards are sold directly at the checkout. You will need a passport and money to pay the fare. Usually they take unlimited Internet for a month. The operator TrueH costs approximately 650 baht/month.

    Tariffs are expensive, but it is still more profitable than roaming. The signal quality is excellent. At Phuket airport and in Bangkok, I was able to catch a 5G signal from a Thai SIM card.

    How and where to refuel the scooter?

    There are a lot of gas stations in Thailand. You can stop by any one. In all scooters it is better to pour 95 gasoline (ninety five).

    Gas stations don’t work the same way as in Europe. We tell you how to refuel properly:

    1. You arrive at the gas station, get in line
    2. We don’t refuel ourselves, a gas station employee will fill us up
    3. Opening the tank
    4. We say how much to fill up. The most commonly used options are “full” or “one hundred bat”
    5. We pay in cash with the tanker
    6. We close the tank. You can go
    Traffic rules that you need to know!
    1. In Thailand, LEFT-hand traffic
    2. We carry out a U-turn only from the rightmost row
    3. Scooters  are not allowed to enter the tunnels. Pay attention to the signs
    4. You can not park in areas marked with red and white paint on the asphalt or curb
    5. In an accident involving a Thai and a tourist, the tourist will be to blame
    6. Watch out for pedestrians – they often cross the road in the wrong places
    What if my scooter broke down?

    Immediately call or write to us in telegram or whatsapp. Let’s discuss the problem. In case of a breakdown, we will send our employee who will fix the scooter or give a scooter to replace it.

    We discuss all problems of this kind individually and solve them quickly!

    Delivery and removal of the scooter. What are the rates?

    Delivery prices depend on the area. The prices in the plate can be viewed on the page with the rental rules

    Where to find useful and relevant information about Phuket, Koh Samui and Phangan?

    You can read articles in our blog on the site, there we write detailed texts about Phuket, Koh Samui, Phangan and in general about Thailand.

    Do you have any questions? Write to us!


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      The minimum rental period is 7 days
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